VFW Post 5408 Participates in Quilt of Valor Presentation for a Retired AF Flag Officer

Our post Junior Vice Commander, Eldrige Holloway, an honorary member of the AT&T Pioneers participated in a Quilt of Valor presentation to the widow of Air Force Brigadier General (Ret) Tom Norman. He was a Vice Commander at Dobbins AFB.

He served in the US Army and the US Air Force. (WW-2: Battle of the Bulge, Korean War and Vietnam).

Mrs Norman also accepted the 2016 USO 75th Anniversary Volunteer Award for our AT&T Pioneers Group named in her husbands honor.


VFW Post 5408 Opens Food Pantry

973593_1_0331-AVFW.jpg_standard_Food Bank_4Food Bank_2

VFW Post 5408 Acworth Georgia has started a small food bank of dry goods and can goods to help veterans in need.

We also will recieve donations of dry goods and can goods.

If anyone knows of a veteran or veteran family in need of some temporary food supplies please let us know.

Contact: Eldrige Holloway, Junior Vice Commander or
Jim Busi, Senior Vice Commander

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VFW Post 5408
4764 Cobb Pkwy NW Acworth, GA
(770) 974-0958

Free Firearms Law Seminar at VFW Post 5408

Everyone is invited to attend a Firearms Law Seminar on Saturday, 16 July 2016 sponsored by our friends at U.S. Law Shield. FREE! FREE! FREE!
Come and hear experienced attorneys and law enforcement professionals speak on topics every law-abiding gun owner needs to know, such as the use of force law and what to do after you use your firearm.
Arm yourself with knowledge and separate legal fact from fiction. Education is a key step in upholding and preserving our 2nd Amendment firearms rights!
Sign up today at www.gunlawseminar.com and bring your friends.
Again: This seminar is FREE to the public and to VFW Post 5408 Acworth, GA members. Just use the promo code SEMINAR when signing up at the website shown above! See you there!
Date: Saturday, 16 July 2016
Time: 11AM to 1PM
VFW Post 5408
4764 Cobb Pkwy NW
Acworth, GA
(770) 974-0958

New VFW Post 5408 Officers 2016 – 2017


Bill Lienhop, Commander 

Phone: 770-906-1804(cell); Email: billlienhop@gmail.com

Jim Busi, Sr.Vice Commander

Phone:  678-5964714(cell); Email: jb30115@comcast.net

Eldrige Holloway, Jr.Vice Commander

Phone: 404-483-3361(cell); Email: eldholloway@yahoo.com

Steve Kishpaugh, Quartermaster

Phone:  770-866-7559; Email: Steve_Kishpaugh@yahoo.com

***We Are Here To Serve You!***

Quilt of Valor Presentation to WW-2 Veteran in Canton, GA.

On the eve of the 72nd Anniversary of D-Day, The Allied Invasion of Europe, we had the distinct honor of participating in Awarding a Quilt of Valor to Pvt. Jack Carrier who was an Army Medic during WW-2 on the U.S.S. Comfort.

The presentation was made by Mr. John Finch, representing QOV, Jim Busi, Sr. Vice Commander and myself, Eldrige Holloway, Jr. Vice Commander from VFW Post 5408 in Acworth, Georgia.

The 89 years young hero is one of only a few left from our “Greatest Generation” and he and his wife Mary have only been residents of Harmony on the Lakes here in Canton, Georgia for 7 months.

We are very proud to have them as our neighbors in the North Village.

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